Tuesday, May 18, 2004

City Council Public Session to debate and approve the Promenade Land Use Plan (audio)

At the links below, in MP3 audio format, are recordings of the entire debate in City Council public session with respect to "item 30" on the agenda the afternoon of May 18, 2004. "Item 30" was a resolution approving the RDC's Promenade Land Use Plan.

The plan was controversial, to say the least. The large public Council chamber was packed. Because Item 30 came at the end of the Council's other business, debate began late in the afternoon, after a break, and ran into the evening.

Council Chairman Joe Brown began by saying he that would allow both sides -- the RDC and the plan opponents -- 15 minutes each to present their cases. What he in fact did was allow the RDC 15 minutes to present and argue for the plan, the opponents 15 minurtes to argue against, and then the RDC and its supporters another 15 minutes to argue for.

Following that, the City Council members themselves made speeches. Meanwhile, a motion was made to delay a vote on the plan for another two weeks to allow the Council more time to study it. That motion was defeated and the Promenade Plan was finally approved (Chumney, Jones, and Sammons voting against).

The entire debate runs three hours and eight minutes. It is divided into seven parts below, corresponding to the tapes used.Click to listen or download:

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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

City Council Meeting (portions)

Here are MP3 audio recordings of riverfront-related portions of the City Council meeting (executive and and public sessions) on May 7, 2002. The discussions evidence Council members' exuberance in a rush to endorse the RDC's Master Plan, which some mention they had just received only the night before.

Click these links to download and listen to the MP3 audio:

Portion of executive session (prior to public session) [MP3, 2.5 MB]
Portion of public Session [MP3, 1.8 MB]

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