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About the Library

Here are some things you will want to know about how this Library is managed.

Scope of coverage

The news articles and other readings in this Library are by no means a complete record of all that has been written about the Memphis Riverfront. They are a historical sketch, focusing primarily on the era of the Riverfront Development Corporation (1999 through today), with some coverage of Mayor Herenton's pre-RDC initiatives (1992 through 1999), as well as earlier riverfront plans and events.

As we add material, we will choose articles or readings for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To mark significant events and transitions along the timeline of the Memphis Riverfront Master Plan (and its direct antecedents);
  • To illuminate the historical context or mark related events (such as the disbanding of the Parks Commission);
  • To provide background or supporting detail for an article posted at the FfOR blog;
  • In general, to fill the "memory hole"

Library organization

Unlike a typical blog, where the articles are dated when posted, the Library articles are posted as of their original dates. For example, you can go to the May 2004 archive (listed on the sidebar) and scan news stories written in the periods just prior to and after the City Council meeting on the 18th of that month.

Remember that the home and archive pages show only the first couple of paragraphs of the story. You need to click through to the complete-article page. Click the headline or the "Read the Complete Article..." link at the bottom. When you are on any complete-article page, click "Next Item" or "Previous Item" at the top to move forward or backward chronologically.

This preserves the historical continuity and context -- but at the expense of your not easily being able to see what has been added to the Library most recently. To help make up for that, we will also keep an index of recent additions; look for that index in the sidebar. Other indexes will bring up all the articles mentioning a particular topic or quoting a certain person -- or all articles written by a reporter or commentator who regularly covers the riverfront.

All historical material dated prior to 1990 will be found in the January 1990 archive.


Within the Library, we will highlight editorial comments by boxing them -- like this paragraph.

If we make a significant change to an article after the date posted, we add mention of the update within the article.

The HTML for this website is very fluid. It permits you to enlarge the text for readability, or make it smaller for compact printing. Look on your browser menu for the Text Size setting (it's on the View menu in Internet Explorer).

To print an article, first go to its complete-article page (click the headline). Click Print from your browser menu. On your printout, the sidebar should disappear and the article will expand to fill the page width -- if you are using a recent version of your browser. Tip: If you really like to conserve paper, make your text size smaller before printing.

To email the URL of a complete-article page, click the little envelope at the bottom. This will work even if you are looking at an article's summary on the main or archive page. If you want to link to an artcile from your own site or blog: Be sure to click through to the complete-article page and use the URL for that page.

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